Full service leasing simplified.

When you lease your trucks from Airoldi Brothers, you eliminate the many responsibilities of truck ownership, such as maintenance, parts and labor, rental vehicles, fuel tax reporting and vehicle disposal. We can design a custom lease program that fits your needs and your business. Outsource your transportation requirements to Airoldi, and you can count on reliable service, quality equipment, predictable expenses and ongoing peace of mind. And that means that you’ll have more time to focus on your business.

Bottom-line benefits for you.

  • One-stop-shop for all of your fleet needs
  • Additional capital that you can spend in ways that more directly benefit your business
  • Better cost predictability for smoother cash flow
  • Financing alternative that allows you to minimize tax exposure and improve your ROA
  • No administrative costs of fleet management
  • Proper fleet management services improve operational efficiency and productivity
  • No operating risks that can lead to unexpected costs, customer service issues and driver dissatisfaction
  • No residual risk at time of sale
  • Help managing government regulations such as DOT, HVUT, IFTA, etc.
  • Discounted rental program that saves time, money and allows you to capitalize on business upturns
  • Enhanced driver recruitment, morale, and retention, resulting from well maintained vehicles

Call us today to explore leasing options for your business.